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Trucker's Tax and Bookkeeping Service
Let us come to your rescue. Our services is offered to all Trucker's, wether you are a Owner Operator, or Company Driver. We here at Trucker Tax 1 keep up with all of your Trucking Tax needs for you. There is no more trying to figure out your Taxes on your on, let us do your paperwork and leave the driving to you.  
A $150 deposit toward the preparation of your tax return is required. When your return is completed you will be notified of the results and balance due IRS.
If you would like to fax your papers, give us a call and we will explain how. 
If you would like for us to do your taxes and keep up with them here is what we need.           

1. (  )  A copy of your most recent Federal, State and Local Tax Returns.
2. (  )   All wages and  earning statements W2's, 1099's, etc...
3. (  )  Form (s) 1098 ( mortgage interest ) and property tax statements.
4. (  )  A copy of the lease or purchase agreement including 
          financing terms for any new or used equipment acquired.
5. (  )  Information on any equipment sold or traded.
6. (  )  (New Clients Only) Depreciation schedule on any equipment 
           purchased, including depreciation, cost, accumulated depreciation, 
           method and useful life.
7. (  )  Stock brokerage tax summary (1099) ( including purchase price,    
           dates acquired for items sold) from stock, any other investment  
8. (  )  Closing statements on any real estate transactions.
9. (  )  Any  tax notices received from IRS or any taxing authorities.
    (  )  If you anticipate a refund and want direct deposit, please include a 
            voided check for the account you want the deposit made to. 

Please send this completed list, along with the tax materials and the $150 deposit.
Call when check is sent. (904-535-8203)